QbD1200 Laboratory TOC Analyzer

Temporarily not available for purchase.

For your TOC analysis needs, please consider the ANATEL PAT700. Click here for more information.

The new QbD1200 TOC analyzer is designed to make testing easier, reproducible and accurate. The new TOC analyzer promises highest performance while dramatically reducing cost of ownership by using one reagent for the test and requiring only one annual service call rather than frequent maintenance. The new TOC analyzer eliminates the dependency on lengthy overnight routines that may fail. In the first of its kind the QbD1200 TOC analyzer calibrates in only 90 minutes. The QbD1200 is designed for use in 21 CFR part 11 lab environments and is fully compliant with all global pharmacopeia regulations. It offers convenient validation as it is not operated by a separate PC eliminating the need for an additional CSV file and provides paperless reporting to distribute all auditable reports over secure protocol to a central server.

Documentation and Application Notes

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QbD1200 TOC Analyzer Features

Reliable data

Stop throwing away your first sample! The QbD1200 has virtually eliminated sample-to-sample carryover! Highly repeatable results!

Simplify your validation and analysis

Automated calibrations, System Suitability Testing and report generation! Only one reagent is needed for ALL analysis!

Low cost of ownership & fast calibration

Say goodbye to frequent maintenance, and reduce your service calls. Automated calibration in less than 90 minutes saves the user precious time and is the fastest in the industry!

Ensure regulatory compliance

Fully complies with all global pharmacopeia regulations: USP, JP, EP, IP, ICH.

Introduction to the QbD1200 TOC Analyzer


Specifications for the QbD1200 TOC Analyzer

Item Specifications Referenced 9460100

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ICH Q2 – the Challenge of Measuring Total Organic Carbon in Modern Pharmaceutical Water Systems This paper discusses some of the challenges when using TOC analysers to demonstrate pharmacopoeial TOC level compliance for modern water systems in the light of the ICH Q2 document2 from the International Conference on Harmonisation.
Root cause investigation for pharmaceutical water systems In this whitepaper we discuss some typical sources of contamination in water systems and how root-cause investigations can be supported using on-line Total Organic Carbon (TOC) analysers.
Detection Limit When considering which instrument is appropriate for a given application, it is common to consider various performance characteristics
USP System Suitability The US Pharmacopeia (USP 36-NF 31, section <643>) provides specific guidance on how to qualify TOC instrumentation for use
Preparing Reagent Solution The QbD1200 uses a mixture of phosphoric acid (to aid in removal of CO2 from solution) and ammonium persulfate (to aid in oxidizing organic compounds)

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