Low Cost of Ownership

PAT700 Fully compliant conductivity meterThe ANATEL PAT700 offers a low cost of ownership for total organic carbon and conductivity analysis.

ANATEL PAT700 Total Organic Carbon Analyzer

TOC, conductivity and water temperature from just one analyzer

  • Can be fully validated for TOC, Conductivity and Temperature to USP, EP and JP requirements

12 month service interval

  • Auto-switching main and standby UV lamps
  • UV Detect to ensure UV lamp is working correctly

No chemicals

  • Designed specifically for pharmaceutical PW and WFI measurement, this analyzer uses just powerful UV light to oxidize the organics

pat700 UV Monitoring with auto-switching Main & Standby UVNo peristaltic pump

  • No tubing and pump heads to replace
  • PAT700 traps an aliquot for each analysis, so the measurement is stable and not affected by changes in sample pressure or flow rate

Single sensor to measure TIC and TC

  • TC – TIC =TOC
  • Stable measurements for >12months

On-line and grab-sample analysis in one analyzer

  • Built-in, 4-bottle grab-sample analyzer

For full specs and details on the ANATEL PAT700,
download the full brochure.