ANATEL A1000 TOC Analyzer for Ultrapure Water

The A1000 TOC system is designed for monitoring ultrapure water production and measuring the influent and effluent water at rinse stations to ensure cleaning is complete. With the A1000, operators can monitor hot and cold water to quickly detect and report the most subtle changes in their ultrapure water system. 

  • Resistivity of 18 MΩ
  • Detection limits down to 0.05 ppb
  • Fixed & portable variants available

Documentation and Application Notes

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ANATEL A1000 TOC Analyzer for Ultrapure Water (18M)

Low Cost of Ownership

  • 6-month service intervals
  • Chemicals/reagents replaced with strong UV lamp to oxidize TOC
  • Peristaltic pump tubing/heads replaced with water system pressure to push sample into measurement cell for analysis

Flexible TOC Analysis

  • Available in S10 stationary or S20 portable versions
  • Measurement range from 0.05 ppb for online water analysis & up to 1,999 ppb for parts cleaning applications

Stable Measurement

  • Unaffected by variations in sample flow or pressure (sample contained in analysis chamber, TOC oxidized in sample & level reported)
  • Unaffected by hot or cold water samples – accepts sample water temperatures from 0°C - 100°C

Minimal Maintenance

  • Plug & play operation–simply connect water sample pipework & electrical supply to generate TOC results within minutes
  • TOC results displayed & automatically reported via its 4-20 m A analog output
  • Carefree maintenance (6-month servicing, UV lamp change)

Technical Documents