How much starting material will I need for exosome isolation?

The amount of starting material you’ll need for successful exosome isolation depends on which fluid you’re studying, which isolation method you’ve selected and which downstream analyses you’ll be conducting. The concentration of exosomes varies across fluid types and disease states. It is advisable to assess the concentration of exosomes in your fluid and disease of interest. Once you have an idea of the concentration of exosomes in your samples, you’ll need an idea of the efficiency of your selected exosome isolation method, which you can calculate using a standardized exosome sample or beads. You can then back calculate the total volume you’ll need to reach your n, taking into account exosome attrition through sample loss and exosome lysis. Once you have successfully isolated your exosomes, you’ll want to ensure that you have sufficient starting material (DNA, RNA, protein) for your downstream analysis of choice. Currently available protocols range in starting volumes from 3-4 mL to 50+ mL.