Biomek Tips P20 Sterile Filtered

Product No:717256

These P20 sterile pipette tips with filters are designed for the Biomek 3000, NX, NXp, FX and FXp Laboratory Automation Workstations. Filtered tips reduce the chance of sample cross-contamination from aerosols. Like all our tips, the P20s are made of 100% polypropylene, are manufactured to ensure they are straight and leak-proof, and are guaranteed to be free of DNA, DNase/RNase, PCR inhibition, pyrogen/endotoxin and trace metals. Case of 10 racks.

$161.60 List Price - $161.60

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek FX
Max Capacity Volume Range - 40 µL
Barrier Yes
Conductive No
Pod and Tool Type AP96 Head; Span-8 Pod; P20 Tool; MP20 Tool; P200L Tool; MP200 Tool
Tip Type P20
Package Quantity 10 racks (96 per rack)
Nonpyrogenic Yes
Autoclavable No
Sterile Yes
Color Clear
Material(s) Polypropylene

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