Biomek Tips P20 Span-8 Conductive Sterile Filtered

Product No:394622

P20 sterile conductive tips are available for the Biomek NX, NXp, FX and FXp Span-8 systems to take advantage of their liquid level sensing technology. Conductive tips are especially useful when volumes are not always known or specified. It also allows pipetting from the top of the liquid level rather than the bottom of the well or tube, which reduces the tip’s exterior wetted surface to conserve valuable samples and reduces cross-contamination across the deck. These sterile tips include a filter, which reduces the possibility of sample cross-contamination from aerosols. Like all our pipette tips, the P20 tips are made of polypropylene. Guaranteed to be free of DNA, DNase/RNase, PCR inhibition, pyrogen/endotoxin and trace metals. Case of 10 racks.

$312.20 List Price - $312.20

Product Specifications

Platform Biomek FX
Max Capacity Volume Range - 40 µL
Barrier Yes
Conductive Yes
Pod and Tool Type Span-8 Pod
Tip Type P20
Package Quantity 10 racks (96 per rack)
Autoclavable No
Sterile Yes
Color Black
Material(s) Polypropylene

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