Microplate Carriers for SX4750 and SX4750A Rotors, set of 2

Product No:392806

Each carrier accommodates up to four standard microplates, one Beckman Coulter deep-well, one square well plate, or one 96-tube rack. Provides the following g-forces for cellular assays and quick microplate spins: Allegra X-12 is 2,890 x g (3,750 rpm). Allegra X-14 is 3,283 x g (4,000 rpm). Allegra X-15R is 4,460 x g (4,450 rpm). For use with the SX4750 and SX4750A. Each Microplate Carrier Assembly includes carriages and rubber pads (Set of 2). Covers sold separately.

$1,127.80 List Price - $1,127.80

Product Specifications

Package Quantity Set of 2
Materials Aluminum
Platform Allegra X-12

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