Microfluidic Round Well Plate MTP, Gen 2, pH/DO type 1

Product No:M2P-MTP-RMF32C-BOH1

The Gen2 Microfluidic Round Well Plate microtiter plate is a 48-well MTP (32 cultivation wells + 16 reservoir wells) in standard ANSI/SLAS (SBS) format. Its round wells are ideally suited for cultivations with low oxygen demand or for shear-sensitive microorganisms.

Microfluidic channels in the MTP bottom facilitate the allotting of nanoliter amounts of feed or pH adjusting solutions from the reservoir wells to the cultivation wells.

This Gen2 Microfluidic Round Well Plate MTP has two optical sensors (optodes) per cultivation well, i.e. the HP8 optode for measuring the pH value and the Pst3 optode for measuring the DO.

The following bioprocess parameters can be read out online by the BioLector microbioreactor:
• Biomass

• pH
• Dissolved oxygen (DO)
• Fluorescence

This MTP is compatible with:
BioLector Pro and BioLector XT microbioreactors

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