C36774, CytoFLEX LX WDM Beam Splitter

Product No:C36774

The CytoFLEX LX WDM Beam Splitter expands the detection capacity of the UV/Near UV or Violet laser lines by borrowing the two detectors from the IR laser line when not in use. The median fluorescence intensity (MFI) of the unsplit signal can be achieved on the analogous split signal by adjusting the gain. To change between configurations, just reposition the fibers and select the appropriate detector configuration in CytExpert Software. Additionally, the VSSC capability to resolve 80 nm PS particles is retained when the WDM Beam Splitter is engaged in the configuration.  Includes two additional bandpass filters, 712/25 and 740/35.

Product Specifications

Product Category Flow Cytometry Analyzer
Compatible Configurations CytoFLEX LX U3-V5-B3-Y5-R3-I2 and CytoFLEX LX N3-V5-B3-Y5-R3-I2
Optical Filters 712/25, 740/35
Regulatory Status RUO
Package Quantity 1

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