Static Peltier ALP

Product No:A93938

Includes one Static Peltier Automated Labware Positioner (ALP) with three labware adapters (one 96-well Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR), one 384-well PCR, and one Flat Bottom Plate adapter). The Peltier permits heating or cooling of one labware position for a software controlled set point between 4° C and 100° C in 0.1° C increments using the Flat Bottom Plate adapter. Use of the 96- or 384-well PCR adapter will reduce the available temperature range. The Peltier occupies a single ALP position on the deck and requires an off-deck controller (included). This device requires one open USB port for software control. For use on Biomek 3000, NX / NXp or FX / FXp liquid handler. Additional accessories required for Biomek 3000 liquid handler integration: A31591 - Side-bracket Mount (holds two Peltier ALPs) and A31593 Stand-off Feet (one required per Biomek 3000 liquid handler).

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