0.50/0.75 mL Microcentrifuge/PCR Tube Adapter, 500/700 µL, Quantity of 12

Product No:364690

0.5/0.6/0.75 mL PCR-microtube adapters. Quantity of 12. For use in Benchtop centrifuge rotors: Part No. 364630: F1202 Part No. 361171: F2402H Part No. 364600: F3602 Part No. 368298: TA-15-1.5 Part No. 392274: FX301.5 Part No. 392271: SX241.5 Microcentrifuge rotors: Part No. 365630: F241.5 Part No. 367187: F241.5P Part No. 368894: F301.5 Part No. A46476: FX121.5P Part No. A46475: FX241.5P Part No. 368882: S241.5

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