On-Demand Training for Flow Cytometry

On-Demand Modules

Navios and Navios EX Creating a Protocol

Upon completion of this course, you will learn how to create a basic protocol for Navios and Navios EX Flow Cytometers.

Introduction to ClearLLab 10C

You will become familiar with the ClearLLab 10C application fundamentals and sequential organization of procedures to go from sample preparation to analysis of results and report generation.

Principles of Flow Cytometry

Learn to define common elements of flow cytometry, identify hardware components and other physics in system operation.

Flow Cytometry Applications

This is a basic and general course about flow cytometry applications. It will help you understand how flow cytometers and sorters work, and how flow cytometry is used to visualize and characterize cells.

Excitation Emission and Filters

Learn the basic characteristics of light and identify the four basic filter types for flow cytometry.

Filter Selection

Learn how to state the rules for selecting flow cytometry filters in a system.

Filter Compensation

Recognize when compensating is necessary in flow cytometry and identify the factors affecting it.

Get to Know Your Navios

Introduction to the major system and components of your Navios flow cytometer.

Kaluza Software Overview

Outlines general features and functionality of Kaluza flow cytometry software.

AQUIOS CL Basic Operations

Learn how to perform the basic operation of your AQUIOS flow cytometer including proper start-up and shutdown as well as routine maintenance procedures.

AQUIOS CL Advanced Operation

Learn how to display and review data as well as more in-depth administrative functions of the system.

Tetra Test Application

Instructions on utilizing the AQUIOS CL Tetra Application, including discussion on reagents Tetra-1 and Tetra-2+ Monoclonal Antibody Panels.

CytoFLEX Online Curriculum

A collection of training to get you up-to-speed with your CytoFLEX flow cytometer, software and principles of flow cytometry.