BeckmanConnect Notification Information

Notifications are sent to the Windows notification center and to the BeckmanConnect notification client upon detection of an issue, up to once a day.

If a notification is sent when the instrument is offline, it will appear in the Windows notification center after start-up (only if the instrument is started up and online within 24 hours of the notification being generated). If the instrument is not online within the 24-hour period, the notification will not appear in the Windows notification center until a new one is sent. However, it will still appear in the BeckmanConnect notification client.

Notifications in the Windows notification center will show briefly on screen, and in Windows 10 previously sent notifications will be viewable from the comment icon in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Simply click on the notification pop-up or the BeckmanConnect notification client icon to load the interface. If the BeckmanConnect notification client window is open when a notification is received, you must close and reopen it to see the updated list.

The drop-down menu in the BeckmanConnect notification client may be used to silence Windows notifications for a period of time. Once you set a delay (snooze) time, it’s locked for the remaining snooze time.

*Notifications are only available with BeckmanConnect version 2.0 or higher.

Service Contract or Warranty is expiring on (date).


Contact your local service representative for options to continue service coverage.

Our records indicate TeamViewer remote desktop software was installed via the BeckmanConnect installer but has not been seen online for # of days. The TeamViewer application is set to always run when the PC is on and has internet connectivity. If you receive this message after having the controller PC off for more than 7 days, the message should resolve and be removed from the notification center upon the next daily TeamViewer status check. If the notification is still present in the notification client after 24 hours, proceed with troubleshooting.


  1. Please confirm the TeamViewer application is still present on your system. If it is not present, remove BeckmanConnect from the control panel and reinstall with the latest installer available on the BeckmanConnect website.
  2. If TeamViewer is present on your system, please open the application and confirm the status in the lower left is green. If the status is green, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Ready to connect (secure connection)

If the status is not green, please verify is accessible. If is accessible, contact [email protected] for assistance.

Not ready. Please check your connection

If is not accessible, your institution has blocked TeamViewer. Please work with your IT team to remove the block. If the block cannot be removed, please remove the BeckmanConnect remote desktop.

[This message is only available when remote support feature is installed.]


The policies that secure your TeamViewer client are not configured properly. To maximize the security of your PC and reduce the probability of unauthorized access, uninstall BeckmanConnect from control panel. Remove TeamViewer if still present and then reinstall with the latest installer available on the BeckmanConnect website.

[This message is only available when data collection and remote support features are both installed.]


Uninstall BeckmanConnect from control panel (if present) and reinstall with the latest installer available on the BeckmanConnect website.

[This message is only available when data collection feature is installed.]


Data has not been uploaded from your system in more than 7 days. Check the notification icon to determine if action is required.

Ready to connect (secure connection) Data sync is working, and the issue is now resolved. No Action necessary. The notification will disappear from notification client’s list of active issues within 24 hours.
Ready to connect (secure connection) If this icon is present for more than 10 min and internet connectivity is present, there may be a communication issue with Beckman servers.  Zip all logs files present at C:\ProgramData\Beckman Coulter\Connect\Log and send to [email protected] for troubleshooting issues.

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