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With total-system design in mind from the start, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences designs ultracentrifuge labware to complement the Optima Series ultracentrifuges, optimizing performance, ease of use, and safety.

Centrifugation Total System Design Logo
  • Beckman designs the rotors in a way that the tube/bottle is supported correctly to minimize high stress areas that may cause premature failure
  • Compare theoretical models vs actual results
    • During the rotor design phase, sophisticated simulation software allows engineers to remove problem areas
    • Beckman Coulter centrifuge products go through Maximum Credible Accident testing to ensure instrument containment safety
    • The results are part of the certification process for the CSA and CE marks for Optima Series ultracentrifuges.

Therefore, using our consumables with our rotors is necessary.

Sealing Tubes

We offer 2 different types of sealing tubes that are compatible with ultracentrifuge rotors. Sealable tubes allow for the 1st level of biocontainment for tube transfers to rotors.

OptiSeal Tubes

Employ patented technology to provide a fast, reliable seal every time. Seal with a finger-touch and without tools, heat, or closure verification. Wide necks offer effortless filling and fraction collection.

OptiSeal Tubes Principle

  • Material Offering: Thinwall PP
  • Volume Range: 3.3 ml — 36.3 ml
  • Compatible with 20 Ultra Rotors
  • Can be sliced or punctured
  • Wider tube neck allows for easier buffer and sample exchange
  • Uses a push-in Noryl plug with O-ring to seal tubes
  • Ability to be unplugged for sample recovery
  • Tube rack provides a convenient means of holding tubes during loading and unloading, which also keeps fingers clear during syringe extraction
  • Requires spacer above tube during centrifugation
Volume (mL) PN Material Size (mm) Rotors Supported
32.4 361625 Polypropylene 25 x 77 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, SW 32 Ti, SW 28, MLA-50
8.9 361623 Polypropylene 16 x 60 Type 90 Ti, Type 70.1 Ti, MLA-55
4.9 362185 Polypropylene 13 x 51 VTi 90, VTi 65.2, NVT 90, NVT 65.2

Quick-Seal Tubes

Provide secondary BioSafe* containment. Seal with a simple, hand-held sealing tool without plugs or O-rings.

  • Material Offerings: Thinwall PP and Ultra-Clear
  • Volume Range: 1 mL – 100 mL
  • Styles: Round Bottom and konical Bottom
  • Compatible with 36 Ultra Rotors
  • Can be sliced or punctured
  • Handheld heat sealer and accessories to seal the tubes
  • Requires spacers above tube during centrifugation
  • g-Max System – allow flexibility of volumes within the same ultracentrifuge rotors while maximizing efficiency
g-Max System Principle

Advantages of g-Max spacers:

  • No reduction in rotor g-force
  • Reduced run time (shorter pathlength)
Volume (mL) PN Material Size (mm) Rotors Supported
100.0 345776 Polypropylene 38 x 102 Type 45 Ti
100.0 345778 Ultra-Clear 38 x 102 Type 45 Ti
39.0 342414 Polypropylene 25 x 89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, VTi 50.1
39.0 344326 Ultra-Clear 25 x 89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, VTi 50.1
13.5 342413 Polypropylene 16 x 76 Type 90 Ti, Type 70.1 Ti, NVT 65, VTi 65.1, MLA-55

Beckman Coulter Ultra-Clear Material
Beckman Coulter Ultra-Clear Material

Handheld tube sealing tool
Handheld tube sealing tool

Tube removal tool
Tube removal tool

Open-Top Tubes

Allow centrifuging in fixed-angle and swinging-bucket rotors. Available in multiple materials as well as thinwall and thickwall options.

Thinwalled Open-Top Tubes

  • Material Offerings: Ultra-Clear, Polypropylene, and Polyethylene
  • Volume Range: 175 µL – 94 mL
  • Styles: round bottom and konical bottom
  • Thinwall tubes designed for single-use
  • Offer large opening for easy sample loading and recovery
  • Cap sealing assemblies may be required for fixed-angle rotors

Thickwalled Open-Top Tubes

  • Material Offerings: Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, and cellulose Propionate
  • Volume Range: 230 µL – 94 mL
  • Thickwall tubes can be reused
  • Offer large opening for easy sample loading and recovery
Thinwall Centrifugation Tube vs Thickwall Centrifugation Tube

Thinwall vs Thickwall

Konical vs Round bottom centrifugation tubes
Konical bottom vs Round bottom

Ultra-Clear Centrifugation Tubes
Ultra-Clear Tubes

Volume (mL) PN Material Size (mm) Rotors Supported
38.5 344058 Ultra-Clear 25 x 89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, SW 32 Ti
38.5 326823 Polypropylene 25 x 89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, SW 32 Ti
14.0 344060 Ultra-Clear 14 x 95 SW 40 Ti
14.0 331374 Polypropylene 14 x 95 SW 40 Ti
13.2 344059 Ultra-Clear 14 x 89 SW 41 Ti
13.2 331372 Polypropylene 14 x 89 SW 41 Ti
5.0 344057 Ultra-Clear 13 x 51 SW 55 Ti, MLS-50

Sterile and Certified Free Tubes

Whether you are helping to solve complex biological problems, investigating the causes of diseases or finding potential new cures, protecting your sample from degradation and contamination during your study is paramount.

Beckman’s Sterile and Certified Free* Tubes:

  • Exhibit no detectable DNA, DNase, RNase, PCR inhibitors, or endotoxins
  • Come pre-sterilized via ethylene oxide and ready-to-use for improved workflow efficiency
  • Sterilized and packaged compliant with ISO 11135 and 11607
  • Improve QC data quality by preventing sample degradation and contamination
  • Certificates are available on beckman.com

*Based on sample results below detectable limits

Volume (mL) PN Material Type Bottom Size (mm) Rotors Supported
38.5 C14292 Ultra-clear Open‑Top Round 25x89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, SW 32 Ti
17 C14297 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 16x102 SW 32.1 Ti
14 C14294 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 14x95 SW 40 Ti
13.2 C14293 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 14x89 SW 41 Ti
6.5 C14296 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 13x64 Type 90 Ti, Type 70.1 Ti, Type 70 Ti, Type 50.4 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, Type 45 Ti, MLA-55
5 C14295 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 13x51 SW 55 Ti
4 C14298 Ultra-clear Open-Top Round 11x60 SW 60 Ti
39 C14299 Ultra-clear Quick Seal Round 25x89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, VTi 50.1
38.5 C14301 Polypropylene Open-Top Round 25x89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, SW 32 Ti
14 C14303 Polypropylene Open-Top Round 14x95 SW 40 Ti
13.2 C14302 Polypropylene Open-Top Round 14x95 SW 41 Ti
4 C18674 Polypropylene Open-Top Round 11x60 SW 60 Ti
100 C14305 Polypropylene Quick Seal Round 38x102 Type 45 Ti
39 C14304 Polypropylene Quick Seal Round 25x89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti, VTi 50.1
13.5 C14306 Polypropylene Quick Seal Round 16x76 Type 90 Ti, Type 70.1 Ti, NVT 65, VTi 65.1, MLA-55
30 C14307 Polypropylene Open-Top konical 25x89 SW 32 Ti


Centrifugation Bottles

With both two- and three-piece caps, bottles are reusable and ensure containment while centrifuging large volume samples.

  • Material Offerings: Polypropylene and Polycarbonate
  • Volume Range: 8.5 mL – 250 mL
  • 3-piece liquid-tight cap assemblies provide leak-proof closure
  • Reusable and supports larger volumes

Volume (mL) PN Material Size (mm) Rotors Supported
70.0 355622 Polycarbonate 38 x 102 Type 45 Ti
26.3 355618 Polycarbonate 25 x 89 Type 70 Ti, Type 50.2 Ti
10.4 355603 Polycarbonate 16 x 76 Type 90 Ti, Type 70.1 Ti, MLA-55

Specialty Tubes

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel tubes
  • Volume: 38.5 mL & 94 mL
  • Great chemical and heat resistance
  • Can be centrifuged at any fill level
  • Crucial for many nanoparticle applications

Tubes with Snap-on Caps

1.5mL Snap-Caps
  • Low-volume (1.5 mL) easy seal tubes
  • Inert material (PP)
  • konical bottom allows for tight pellet

Cellulose Propionate

Cellulose Propionate Tube
  • Small volume: 230 µL
  • Clear
  • Tolerant to most gradient media, including alkalines
  • Transparent and designed for one-time use
Type Sealing Open-Top c-Free+Sterile Bottles Specialty
OptiSeal Quick-Seal Thinwall Thickwall UC PP konical PP PC SS Cellulose
Tubes with
Snap-on Caps
PP UC PP konical UC PP konical PP PC PET
Floor Prep
Fixed Angle Type 100 Ti
Type 90 Ti
Type 70.1 Ti
Type 70 Ti
Type 50.4 Ti
Type 50.2 Ti
Type 45 Ti
Type 42.2 Ti
Type 25
Type 19
SW 60 Ti
SW 55 Ti
SW 41 Ti
SW 40 Ti
SW 32.1 Ti
SW 32 Ti
NVT 90
NVT 65.2
NVT 65
Vertical VTi 90
VTi 65.2
VTi 65.1
VTi 50.1
Fixed Angle TLA-120.2

Abbreviations: PP – Polypropylene, UC – Ultra-Clear, PC – Polycarbonate, SS – Stainless Steel, PET – Polyethylene

Note: Accessories, adapters, spacers, and/or caps may be required for some of the rotor and tube combinations. For a complete listing of rotor and tube offerings, please contact us below.

Properties Material
Ultra-Clear Polycarbonate Polypropylene Polyethylene Cellulose Propionate Stainless Steel
Visibility Clear Clear Translucent Translucent Clear Opaque
Sterilization Methods Chemical Autoclavable Autoclavable Chemical Chemical Autoclavable
Chemical Resistance Poor Poor Great Good Poor Great


Tube Slicer

Tube Slicer

Fraction Recovery System

Fraction Recovery System
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*BioSafe and Biosafety are terms intended to describe the enhanced biocontainment features of our products. Improper use or maintenance may affect seal integrity and, thus, containment.