Customer Testimonials

Customers discuss doing immunophenotyping panels, cancer research and other applications on the CytoFLEX, as well as its ease-of-use, how easy it is to learn and train users on, and more.

Dr. Karen Hogg reviews the CytoFLEX for Immunophenotyping Panels, Cell Cycle and Apoptosis

We've had the CytoFLEX for about a year. We do many different immunophenotyping panels, cell cycle, apoptosis; The applications are becoming more and more numerous as the years go on. [The CytoFLEX] had a very good high resolution, low noise: the signal-to-background was exceptional... Its footprint is incredibly small but under the hood it is so powerful.
-Dr. Karen Hogg, University of York

Leonardo Salmena on how adding a CytoFLEX to his lab has streamlined Stem Cell and Cancer Research

Having a flow cytometer in our lab has really streamlined our research and allows us to not only do traditional flow cytometry but has allowed us to adapt all our assays. It has really become a workhorse. I would certainly recommend the CytoFLEX. It has revolutionized our approach in the lab.
-Leonardo Salmena, PhD, Dept. of Pharmacology and Toxicology, University of Toronto

Sarah Schuett on being able to see Macrophage and Lymphocytes on scale

It's very easy to train users on. The quality of data that I've seen come out of this cytometer is some of the best that I've seen in recent years. I've been working on a project and we've been doing a macrophage study and there's also been contaminated lymphocytes. On our other flow cytometer we are not able to see both on scale. The dynamic range of the CytoFLEX is so great that we are able to visually see both on scale and get a better depiction of what's going on in the samples.
-Sarah Schuett, Manager, Flow Cytometry and Cell Sorting Core, North Carolina State University - CVM