Clinical Flow Cytometry Portfolio

AQUIOS CL Flow Cytometer


Load and Go for routine clinical diagnostics
AQUIOS Tetra 1 antibody panel B23533


Fast, Efficient, High Throughput Lymphocyte Subset Analysis
Rack of ClearLLab 10C sample tubes for Leukemia and Lymphoma immunophenotyping

ClearLLab Antibody Solutions

Leukemia & Lymphoma immunophenotyping
DxFLEX Clinical Flow Cytometer CE-IVD

DxFLEX Flow Cytometer

The DxFLEX is a clinical analyzer based on CytoFLEX technology and makes flow cytometry routine for both novice and expert flow cytometry technicians.
Navios EX Clinical Flow Cytometer with up to 10 colors

Navios EX Flow Cytometer

Advanced applications with optimized workflows
tetraCHROME CD45-FITC/CD4-PE/CD8-ECD/CD3-PC5 Antibody Cocktail, 50 Tests, CE, IVD 6607013

Navios Tetra

The Navios tetra system delivers an easy-to-use, automated solution for analysis of lymphocyte subsets as well as CD4+ and CD8+ T cell subsets ratios.
Prefix nc kit

Sample preparation

Optimal sample preparation methods for your assays
Single Color Antibodies

Single Color Reagents

CE-IVD, ASR and RUO conjugated antibodies