RNAdvance Tissue Kit - 96 Preps

Product No:A32649

Total RNA extraction technology in combined with automation offers researchers a true walk-away process for consistent recovery of high quality total RNA in a multi-well format. Utilizing patented SPRI (Solid Phase Reversible Immobilization) paramagnetic bead-based technology, the RNAdvance Tissue Kit extracts total RNA from a wide variety of tissues without the hazards and waste removal issues of organic solvents. Time-consuming and labor-intensive steps, such as vacuum filtration and centrifugation, are eliminated. The RNAdvance Tissue Kit produces high recovery of total RNA from soft, fibrous and lipid-rich tissues.

$700.90 List Price - $700.90

Product Specifications

Application Uses RNA Isolation, RNA Sequencing, RNA Extraction, Nucleic Acid Sample Prep
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material Tissue
Kit Size 96 Preps
Automated Available Yes

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