Try Before You Buy New Cytometry Reagents

Starting with the next generation of polymer dyes for your lab:
SuperNova Polymer Dyes

You don’t pay to demo a new cytometer, so why should it be any different for reagents? That's the way it works today, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

At Beckman Coulter Life Sciences we believe in making the reagent purchasing experience simpler for our customers, while enabling them to make the right choices for their labs.

Our Try-Before-You-Buy Service is a new way to discover our latest products with confidence — and to connect you to our team of flow cytometry experts, who can help you make the right decisions for your lab.

Don’t delay. Sign up now. It’s a stellar new way to try SuperNova Polymer Dyes!

Try-Before-You-Buy Service

Whether you’re a new or existing customer, you can take advantage of this service simply by signing up for the option that works best for your lab.


Free Evaluation Sample

Man pipetting Free Evaluation Reagent Sample

Simply request free samples** of SuperNova Dyes for evaluation.

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Free Application Specialist Demonstration*

Application Scientist Conducting Free Reagent Demonstration

Get in-person* expert guidance with your local SuperNova Dyes Application Specialist.

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Learn more about differences between free evaluation sample and application specialist demo.

*Virtual visit may be offered depending on local COVID-19 guidelines.

**Inventory of sample kits is limited, delivery of sample is subject to inventory availability. All Sample kits are for Research Use Only, not for use in diagnostic procedures