Viability Dyes

Stain live cells with viability dye and preserve your staining pattern after fixation for intracellular immunophenotyping. Exclude dead cell data for cleaner separation, identification and evaluation of cell populations. Find flexible and easy-to-use flow cytometry kits including DAPI Viability Dye here.

Popular Products

7-AAD Viability Dye

Ready-to-use reagent allowing discrimination of viable from non viable cells.

DAPI Viability Dye

Blue fluorescent nucleic acid stain that binds to double stranded DNA and appears to associate with AT clusters in the minor groove of the DNA molecule.


Membrane impermeant fluorescent dye for the rapid and convenient staining of the dsDNA/nuclei of cells, tissues and organisms including dead, permeabilized or fixed mammalian cells.

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