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Total absolute cell count and percent lymphocyte values are usually obtained using the number of white blood cells and lymphocytes counted on an automated hematology instrument multiplied by the percentage of positivelystained cells measured on a flow cytometer. This Standard (Indirect) Method, however, is associated with wide interlaboratory variation.1-4 Flow-Count Fluorospheres is an efficient alternative to the Standard (Indirect) Method for absolute counts and provides this measure directly using the single platform of flow cytometric immunophenotyping analysis. When identical volumes of a biological specimen and Flow-Count Fluorospheres are present, a ratio of cells in the specimen to fluorospheres is established. The cells of interest and the fluorospheres are then counted on the flow cytometry system.

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AQUIOS Flow-Count Fluorospheres

AQUIOS Flow-Count Fluorospheres is a fluorescent microsphere reagent for direct determination of leukocyte absolute counts in biological specimens on the AQUIOS CL flow cytometer. Flow-Count Fluorospheres are a suspension of fluorescent microbeads used to determine absolute counts on the flow cytometer. Each fluorosphere contains a dye which has a fluorescent emission range of 525 nm to 700 nm when excited at 488 nm. They have uniform size and fluorescence intensity, and an assayed concentration allowing a direct determination of absolute counts.

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