Flexibility for Multicolor Panel Design

Optimizing immunophenotyping panels is a time consuming, iterative process.  A number of markers are required to identify the populations of interest and then additional markers to interrogate function.  Finding reagents that have the markers conjugated to fluorochromes detectable on the instrumentation available is another challenge.  Ensuring that the reagent combination doesn’t compromise sensitivity often requires multiple rounds of empirical testing.  A typical 12 color panel can require 1-4 months of design and optimization (1).  The addition of a viability dye to the panel can prove crucial to obtaining the results needed.  Having the flexibility to add a fixable viability dye in a variety of channels makes it easier to incorporate these into the design.


Part Number Reagent Excitation/Emission (nm) Excitation Laser Bandpass
C36614 ViaKrome 405 Fixable Viability Dye 401/420 Violet 405 nm 450/45
C36620 ViaKrome 561 Fixable Viability Dye 555/565 Blue 488 nm 585/42
C36620 ViaKrome 561 Fixable Viability Dye 555/565 Yellow Green 561 nm 585/42
C36624 ViaKrome 638 Fixable Viability Dye 638/655 Red 638 nm 660/10
C36628 ViaKrome 808 Fixable Viability Dye 854/878 Infrared 808 nm 885/40



1. Mahnke, Y. , Chattopadhyay, P. and Roederer, M. (2010), Publication of optimized multicolor immunofluorescence panels. Cytometry, 77A: 814-818. doi:10.1002/cyto.a.20916