Cell Cycle Kit

The Cell Cycle Kit consists of a ready to use reagent comprising Propidium Iodide (PI), RNAse A for the removal of signal due to PI staining to RNA, and a detergent to permeabilize the cells. The assay works with both alcohol and or formaldehyde fixation methods. The staining step is complete in 15 minutes and cells are ready for acquisition on a flow cytometer.

  • Easily adapted for advanced cell analysis to assess additional cell cycle compartments by adding markers during the staining step, no other changes to the sample preparation workflow are required.
  • Robust assay suitable for use with cell cycle analysis algorithms for automated determination of major cell cycle compartments.
  • Streamlined workflow reducing hands on time by 50% and eliminating post staining washes would could contribute to cell loss, improving overall cell recovery.

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Easy to Use

  • Provided in a liquid, ready to use format, store at room temperature (18-25 °C), no freeze thaw cycles
  • RNAse already included in the formulation
  • Detergent included for single step permeabilization and staining

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