Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP)

IQAPThe Beckman Coulter Cytometry Interlaboratory Quality Assurance Program (IQAP) is a peer comparison program offered to users of Beckman Coulter Cytometry instrumentation worldwide. IQAP complements and enhances your laboratory’s in-house quality control. Customers with cytometry instrumentation configured with Beckman Coulter reagents, and using Beckman Coulter calibrators and controls are eligible for this free program. The Cytometry IQAP program allows users to obtain peer group comparison reports for their laboratory’s quality control data. The IQAP program is comprehensive and easy to use.

The program benefits include:

  • Online submission of monthly IQAP data
  • Fast online access of the IQAP report
  • Immediate access of up to two year of previous reports
  • Minimal paperwork

To enroll in the IQAP program for all your instruments from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences visit the eIQAP website.

For complete details download the IQAP Procedure Manual. This manual presents information on the IQAP program, enrollment, registration to the Beckman Coulter website, data entry and submission, quality control concepts, the IQAP report, troubleshooting, answers to the most commonly asked questions, and the glossary.