ADAPT Software for the LS 13 320 XR Particle Size Analyzer

If you’ve ever used a laser diffraction analyzer with complicated software that’s not optimized for applications in your R&D or QC lab, you’ll appreciate the differences in easy-to-use LS 13 320 XR particle size analysis software.

Simply use the touchscreen to define module settings and sample properties (e.g., sampled material and carrier fluid) to create a customized standard operating method you can save and start using 24/7.

Because this next-generation, Windows 10-based software is smarter and more sophisticated—and its functionality more intuitive—you don’t need extensive knowledge of sample properties to get accurate data. That helps make instrument operation easy for experienced and new users alike, and creates measurable time savings so your lab gets more done each day.

ls 13 320 xr laser diffraction particle size analyzerSimplifies User Experience

  • Access software functions in 2-3 clicks
  • View data, see historical data overlays or export data in 1 click
  • Monitor informative user diagnostics to stay informed throughout analysis

Optimizes Workflows

  • Achieve high sample throughput for increased productivity
  • Create test methods—including customized SOMs—in less time
  • Streamline QC and R&D workflows
  • Configure on-screen prompts for QC applications
  • Generate the reports you need automatically

Provides Fast Results

  • Choose a pre-configured method
  • Define Test ID and Group ID
  • Click Start Measurement
  • See results in < 60 seconds

Highlights Pass/Fail for Immediate QC

  • See automatically highlighted results
  • Green = in spec, red = out of spec
  • Enable fast QC responses by experienced/novice operators alike