Echo 550 Series Obsolescence and Echo 650 Series FAQs


Why is Beckman Coulter Life Sciences obsoleting the Echo 550 series Liquid Handlers?

    The Echo 650 series Liquid Handlers (Echo 650, 655, 650T, 655T, and 21CFR Part 11 compliant versions) are the natural successors to the Echo 550 series Liquid Handlers (Echo 550, 555, and 21CFR Part 11 compliant versions). The Echo 550 series is part of the first generation of acoustic liquid handling. We’re proud of the role it has played in revolutionizing drug discovery and workflows. The Echo 650 series meets all major specifications found in the Echo 550 series, and also provides additional features. It’s drop-in ready for your acoustic liquid handling workflows.


Is my acoustic liquid handler eligible for a trade-in?

    If your Echo is greater than 5 years old, you are eligible for trade-in credit. Contact your local automation solutions consultant for more details.

Echo 650 Series Features

What are some unique features of the Echo 650 series as compared to the Echo 550 series?

  • The Echo 650 series is FluidX AcoustiX acoustic tube capable. The acoustic tube is sold by Brooks Life Sciences.
  • Compatibility with climate control integration on our Access Single Robot System (SRS) and Dual Robot System (DRS) for limiting the hydration of DMSO-based compound libraries.
  • Easier use – no need to swap out source plate inserts to accommodate 384PP vs. 384LDV/1536 LDV acoustic source plates.
  • Easier maintenance – elimination of the vacuum restrictor.
  • Echo 650 series models are being offered at similar price points as Echo 550 series models.

Performance & Labware

How do the Echo 550 series and the Echo 650 series compare in performance?

    Like the Echo 550 series, the Echo 650 series provides similar performance, with 2.5 nL increment drops featuring a 2.5 nL resolution at 10% precision and 8% accuracy*.
    *Excludes protein crystallography liquid class

We’re not ready for acoustic tubes yet but may be in the future. Can an Echo 650 or 655 be upgraded?

    Yes. The Echo 650 series can be upgraded for FluidX AcoustiX tube dispensing capabilities. Contact your local automation solutions consultant for more information.

Does the Echo 650 series use Echo-qualified source labware?


What software applications is the Echo 650 series compatible with?


Is the Echo 650 series fully compatible with Access Workstation automation?

    Yes, it is fully compatible with the Access Workstation as well as the SRS and DRS platforms that run Tempo version 2.1+. Please discuss with your automation sales consultant about upgrade options if your system runs Tempo version 1.X.

SDK/3rd Party

Has the Echo 650 series been integrated with 3rd party vendors?

    Yes. The Echo 650 series has been integrated with major integration vendors. Like the Echo 550 series, the Echo 650 series is capable of being integrated at an event level or through the Echo applications. For more information, please contact your 3rd party integration provider directly or reach out to your automation solutions consultant.

550 Service

Will I be able to still purchase service contracts for my Echo 550 series instrument?

    Yes. All eligible Echo 550 instruments will be supported by our service department for 5 years from the date of obsolescence. Contact your local inside sales associate for more information.

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