Increasing the Processivity of Flow Cytometry

High-throughput flow cytometry has become an integral part of drug discovery efforts with applications in phenotypic screening, ligand binding assays, monoclonal antibody screening and biomarker discovery. The integration of the multi-parametric CytoFLEX flow cytometer with a Biomek iSeries liquid handling instrument increases sample throughput allowing faster processing of high complexity assays. 

With the addition of our dry, pre-formulated reagent panels and our analysis and machine-learning assisted software solutions, your workflow can go from sample to data analysis, hands-free. 

Fully Integrated Hands-free Cytometry Workflow 

A fully integrated hands-free cytometry workflow which incorporates all processing steps including sample preparation through data analysis can be accomplished by integrating the CytoFLEX cytometer to a Biomek i5 or i7 workstation.

Finishing the Workflow

This workflow is further simplified by using the LUCID dry reagent plate format for antibody cocktails and data analysis using the Cytobank cloud computing software platform. These building blocks of a fully integrated system utilizing the Biomek i5/i7, the CytoFLEX, LUCID dry plates and Cytobank software will allow the user to walk away from time consuming laboratory tasks.

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Biomek and CytoFLEX Integration At Work

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