Labeled Direct or Competitive ELISA Methods

Optimal ELISA methods depend on precise preparation of the plates, standards, controls, and samples through accurate and consistently-timed pipetting, washing, incubations, and reading.

Insufficient washing can result in variation and high background, and thus poor results. Manual procedures are prone to variability, contamination, and are time-consuming. Consequently, throughput can be limited in addition to high costs incurred from reruns and erroneous data reporting. 

Biomek i-Series ELISA workstations are robust, walk-away ELISA platforms that seamlessly handle the labor-intensive indirect and sandwich ELISA protocols in your lab. The flexibility of the Biomek i-Series workstations allows you to do as little or as much as you need, whether you are doing a simple direct or more complex competitive ELISA assay.

The Data Acquisition and Reporting Tool software (DART) captures all data and processes per sample from the start (tube or well level) by tracking all activities to and from integrated analyzers and equipment. DART software provides a complete data view of your run and simples data analysis and reporting.

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