Integrated Solutions for Antibody Engineering

The success of using monoclonal antibodies (mAbs)—and proteins derived in part from mAbs—to treat cancer, inflammation, autoimmune, cardiovascular and infectious diseases, helped transform mAbs into one of the largest groups of emerging biotherapeutics.

Hybridoma technology created the foundation for mAb discovery and development, and the use of B cell, phage and other display systems, as well as transgenic animals, further bolstered their potential promise for use in patient care.

Laboratory automation helps accelerate antibody generation and selection against specific targets of interest, and can increase consistency of results.

Fully automated antibody engineering workstations from Beckman Coulter Life Sciences are designed to increase throughput, deliver high-quality results and efficiently track comprehensive workflow data—all with minimal user intervention.


It starts with an integrated system for efficiently obtaining B cells.


A system to help deliver consistent fusion efficiency for B cell hybridoma production.


An integrated system for accurate hit-picking and monoclonality verification.


A fully integrated system for efficient antibody engineering from start to finish.