R Console Plugin for Kaluza Analysis

Kaluza R Console Plugin

The R Console plugin adds advanced functionality to Analysis Software, enabling the analysis of flow cytometry data in R within the Kaluza Analysis framework. The open source programming language R is widely used to build tools that allow data visualization and analysis in innovative and highly specialized ways.

The R Console plugin allows you to:

  • Perform pre-gating in Kaluza and prepare your data for further analysis
  • Create scripts and functions directly in Kaluza
  • Batch analyze all data sets

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16-color immunophenotyping data was pre-gated by doublet exclusion and identification of viable lymphocytes. A t-SNE (t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding) algorithm was applied to the data using the Kaluza R Console plugin and a new fcs file with embedded t-SNE calculated Parameters was generated. Populations in the t-SNE plot were identified by backgating and CD56++ visualized as rare events in Kaluza Analysis.

The FlowSOM algorithm was used for hierarchical cluster analysis of an exemplary data set using the R Console plugin. The resulting self-organizing map is shown as star chart.



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