Release Notes

Kaluza C Analysis Software Version 1.2

  1. Kaluza C supports some nVidia GPU boards to accelerate analysis. This requires a 64-bit version of Windows and for this version of Kaluza the nVIDIA graphics driver 471.11 or greater. Validated GPU boards for Kaluza version 2.2 are Quadro P2200, Quadro RTX4000, Quadro M2000, Quadro RTXA2000. To activate the Kaluza CUDA compute engine use the /CUDA command line prompt.
  2. The LIS protocol can be saved individually and imported to new analyses to speed up LIS setup for new analysis protocols.
  3. A LIS Identifier for the Kaluza instance can be set in the LIS Options and exported to the LIS.
  4. Backup images of plots that are sent to the LIS can be saved with user defined resolution under a user defined backup path.
  5. The Save as images functionality supports saving multiple selected plots into a single image.
  6. Index sort parameters can be read from CytoFLEX SRT Sort Classifier parameter.
  7. To further improve user privacy and the security of user data, credentials for the initial admin account are defined by the user during software. Kaluza C no longer supports the use of “Demo”; “Admin” or “Administrator” as part of usernames and has strengthened requirements for password complexity. A digital certificate is installed during software installation. Log-in identifiers are stored in an encrypted format.
  8. File integrity is checked automatically when loading data files.
  9. When calculating absolute cell counts in batch mode, users can choose between loading file specific Cal Factor and $Vol values and cascading absolute count settings from the previous analysis.
Bug Fixes
  1. Performance for the processing of the logicle transformation has been improved for the standard compute engine.
  2. When using the CUDA compute engine with nVidia GPUs, Kaluza Analysis 2.2 no longer experiences slowness when using the Rare Event and % Displayed functionalities.
  3. Alarm boundaries in a QC report can be modified without triggering a software crash.
  4. Compensation values can be displayed in a QC report without triggering a software crash.
  5. Gain settings from DxFLEX FCS files are included in the Cytosettings table.
  6. Files from Omnicyt instruments are loaded.
  7. File-internal compensation from Novocyte instruments is calculated accurately.

Kaluza C Analysis Software Version 1.1.3

  1. When a gate or a plot containing a gate that has been setup for transmission to the LIS is deleted, the LIS preview window is updated and the plots and statistical results derived from the deleted gate are automatically removed.
Bug Fixes
  1. Autofluorescence values loaded from list mode data files generated by Navios and Navios Ex the match the values set in the Advanced Compensation Module.
  2. Transmission of erroneous results is prevented when a gate in a hierarchy previously setup for LIS transmission is deleted.
  3. The automatic Display Minimum in the Data menu reflects the actual minimum for the selected settings without rounding.
  4. File not found and No Read Permission errors are prevented by protecting temporary files from deletion by other programs.
  5. Changes made to text box controls of Levey-Jennings plots in the QC module can be confirmed by clicking outside the menu. Errors are prevented by protecting temporary files from deletion by other programs.
  6. Updated Sentinel driver to support installation on systems with current Windows OS updates.

Kaluza C Analysis Software Version 1.1.2

  1. Enables printing after Windows NET.framework updates and for network spooled printers.
  2. Prevents unexpected scale mode changes between Legacy and Full Range scale mode.
  3. Increases limit for number of plots per sheet from 200 to 256.

Kaluza C Analysis Software Version 1.1.1

New Features
  1. Recognition of the @AUTOFL20 autofluorescence keyword.
  1. Datasets cannot be deleted from QC reports.
  2. Plot header information can be removed in the QC Activity module.
  3. .CSV files exported from QC Activity include Upper and Lower Limits.
  4. Reminder message appears when trying to open a second QC Report file.
  5. Optimized time display when showing a user defined event number or percentage of the total acquisition.
Bug Fixes
  1. LIS keyword update issue fixed.
  2. Installation of a Microsoft .NET Framework Windows updates released between May 2018 and July 2018 causes Kaluza C Software to crash with a “Error 99999” when the radial menu is accessed by right clicking an object within the software.
  3. When data is dragged into new protocol in QC Activity, data is now automatically processed.