Laboratory Information System Integration

Kaluza C and Kaluza Analysis provide an interface that enables the transmission of plots, statistics, and keywords to a Laboratory Information System (LIS).

To export data to a LIS system, first you must connect Kaluza Software to the LIS system. Configuring this connection is specific to the type of connection interface that is being used in your laboratory. Options include:

  • ASTM TCP/IP Interface
  • ASTM Serial Port Interface
  • HL7 Interface

Please read our LIS Implementation Guide (Search for part number C17197 using the Technical Documents search) for details on configuring the software and using the interface.
The interface that enables the transmission of results, including plots, related statistics, and keywords.

Once the Export to LIS button is clicked all current contents in the LIS Preview window will be exported into the LIS for review and release.


For In Vitro Diagnostic Use. CE marked to the European In Vitro Diagnostic Medical Device Directive 98/79/EC.