Cytobank Commercial Enterprise License, Additional user, 2-year

Product No:C47394

The Cytobank platform offers a way to manage, analyze, and share flow and mass cytometry data on the web. It provides tools for a complete workflow including data pre-processing steps such as data transformation and fluorescence compensation, classical population identification via biaxial gating and comprehensive population analysis with machine learning-based algorithms. By utilizing the cloud for computationally intensive clustering, dimensionality reduction, and visualizations large analysis can be completed quickly and efficiently without monopolizing your desktop computer. The software automatically saves all work in the cloud, which can be accessed anywhere using a standard internet connection and a browser. Projects keep fully annotated data organized and can be used to provide controlled access to collaborators around the globe. This Enterprise Commercial license provides access for for one named user to a private cloud 2 years. It contains larger compute caps around functionality such as viSNE and the API. The amount of storage space per user is flexible based on organizational needs.

Product Specifications

Compatibility Loads any listmode file compliant with FCS standard up through version 3.1. DROP is able to import any numeric data in a text delimited (comma, semicolon, tab) format.
Plot Types Contour Plots, Density Plots, Dot Plots, Histograms, Overlay Plots, Heatmap
Statistics Median, Mean, Coefficient of Variation (CV), Percent of Population, Standard Deviation (SD), Variance, Minimum, Maximum, Event Count, Event Count Ratio, Channel Ranges, Geometric Mean, Percent in Gate (Literal)
License Type Enterprise, Commerical
Number of Users 1
License Term 2 years

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