Navios Platform System Software 

Navios System Software is a full featured acquisition and analysis program containing functions designed for high throughput clinical laboratories.

AutoSetup II simplifies and automates application setup and QC monitoring for multiple applications simultaneously. You can perform a QC setup for all of your multicolor applications that you run during a single day or shift at the same time using the Application Definition Wizard and the AutoSetup Scheduler.

Use the Application Definition Wizard to define your applications and save the definitions for use by the AutoSetup Scheduler. The application definition captures the instrument setup, lasers, parameters, fluorochromes, target channels, verification and alignment requirements of a particular application.

Use the AutoSetup Scheduler to select the applications that you need to run on the instrument in a given day or "shift". AutoSetup Scheduler groups the selected applications for efficient set up in sampling from common compensation samples when scheduling multiple applications and provides the carousel load report to facilitate setting up and loading samples for daily QC.

The Acquisition Manager is used to create a Worklist for the Cytometer. It may also be used to create or modify existing panels. Sample and Test information may be entered here, this data is stored as part of the FCS listmode file.

Panels and Protocols can be added to the Acquisition Manager Worklist by using the Resource Explorer to Drag and Drop or by using the Acquisition Manager Toolbar. Items may be reordered within groups or entire groups may be reordered using Drag and Drop.

Use the AutoMATOR option to sequentially read, analyze and report a set of listmode files. AutoMATOR performs batch analysis of stored data using a multi-file protocol.