Workflow Efficiency for High Throughput Laboratories

Navios Workflow EfficiencyStartup

The Navios Platform task scheduler warms up the system at a predetermined time so that it is ready to start when you are. The scheduler can also be used to shut down the instrument when a work list has finished for truly walk-away data acquisition.

Integrate with Automated Sample Preparation

The Navios Platform is compatible with automated sample preparation modules, such as the PrepPlus2 and TQ-Prep. The PrepPlus 2 delivers precision pipetting of reagents, samples, controls and calibrators into secondary tubes; flexible software programming of reagents, controls and pipetting parameters; and improved safety with closed-tube sampling. Whole blood sample preparation is automated when run in conjunction with the TQ-Prep for rapid, no-wash lyse and fix. The standard 32-tube carousel allows for walk-away sample processing and handles high volumes of tests with ease.

Sample Tracking

The system incorporates four-way on-board barcode identification (Carousel ID, Position ID, Primary Sample ID, and Daughter Tube ID). With the Navios Platform it’s easy to track and maintain sample identification from order entry to report generation, and to trace sample status in real time. With its single tube vortex capability, sample integrity is maintained throughout the run.

System Stability

The Navios Platform thermoregulation system maintains the optical area at a consistent temperature, assuring reliable data while minimizing laser downtime and maintaining compensation settings.

LIS & Middleware Connectivity

The Navios Platform is network ready and can be bi-directionally interfaced with Laboratory Information Systems. Bi directional interface enables you to manage test orders, create work lists automatically, minimize manual data entry, track samples throughout the testing process, and eliminate transcription errors in the reporting process.
The system automatically sends test requests and demographic information to the flow cytometer, and transmits test results. Additionally, with the ability to map several instrument result databases to a networked review station in a centralized database, the system facilitates maximizing instrument usage, allowing review and release of test data offline to the LIS or other middleware solution.

Navios LIS Middleware Connectivity