Resolution Through Innovation

Resolve small and dim cell populations

The patented electronics design in the Navios EX provides 6 decades of sensitivity and resolution to distinguish a wide range of populations easily. With 20-bit resolution, the system offers 1,048,576 channels of dynamic range for greater flexibility in experiment setup. The system’s digital pulse processing design has a 40 MHz sampling rate which collects a great amount of data per event. This is designed to reduce errors and preserves sensitivity and resolution even at high event rates. At approximately 25,000 events, the Navios EX electronics also maintains 90% event processing efficiency. Data processing accuracy and efficiency combine to provide confidence to run fast and get results in less time and with less sample.

Navios EX Resolution At Speed

Resolution at Increasing Event Rates.  SPHERO Rainbow Calibration Particles run at the indicated rates show no loss in resolution. eps = events per second

Navios Platform offers innovative enhanced forward scatter

An innovative design enables the collection of two different forward scatter angles. The default wide angle (1-19°) setting is better for immunophenotyping applications that require distinguishing lymphocytes from debris. The narrow-angle (1-8°) setting is best for measuring larger particles. The Navios EX achieves submicron particle resolution as a result of a unique amplification of the wide angle forward scatter signal as well as low noise in the electronics and the 488 nm laser.

Navios EX FSC Angles

Navios EX eFSC

Enhanced Forward Side Scatter. Using the Navios EX enhanced forward scatter setting, 0.4 micron particles are very clearly resolved from noise, but even more impressive is the resolution of 0.4 micron particles from 0.5 micron particles on forward scatter.