Navios EX tetra Software

Product No:B91240

The Navios EX tetra Software is intended for use as an in vitro diagnostic device for immunophenotyping with CYTO-STAT tetraCHROME CD45-FITC/CD4-RD1/ CD8-ECD/CD3-PC5 and
CYTO-STAT tetraCHROME CD45-FITC/CD56-RD1/CD19-ECD/CD3-PC5 monoclonal antibody reagents on the Navios EX Flow Cytometer. It provides automated analysis and results for the identification and enumeration of CD3+CD4+, CD3+CD8+, CD3+, CD19+ and CD3-CD56+ lymphocyte percentages and absolute counts in peripheral whole blood. Absolute counts may be determined by the Navios EX Flow Cytometer using Flow-Count Fluorospheres (Single Platform Technology (SPT) Method) or separate hematology results (Dual Platform Method). It is indicated for use in the immunologic assessment of patients having or suspected of having immune deficiency.

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