AQUIOS CL Features

The AQUIOS CL Flow cytometer in combination with AQUIOS Panel has been accepted for the WHO list of prequalified in vitro diagnostic products

Full Bidirectional LIS Connectivity

  • Automatic retrieval of test requests and transmission of test results
  • No need for additional workstations or software to connect to the LIS System
  • No need to create or download worklists manually

Automated System Setup

  • Preprogrammed protocols per application
  • No daily setup reagents required
  • No manual system or controls optimization
  • Power on, system warmup, load controls, load samples - that's it!

Smart Track Reagent Monitoring

  • Uses a range of barcoded reagents and consumables
  • Automatic barcode scanning to track those reagents, lot numbers, open and closed vial expiration dates, and number of tests or volume per reagent container
  • Continuous tracking of reagent usage
  • Automatic reagent monitoring including the number of tests remaining and warnings when tracked reagents are low, out or expired

Cassette Autoloader

  • Total capacity 40 sample tubes
  • Accommodates a variety of tube sizes 
  • Continuous, random loading and unloading
  • Separate single-tube loader for STAT samples, open vials, and tubes that are not barcoded

Automated Sample Preparation

  • Automatic matching of sample identification code with the test request
  • All sample preparation and analysis performed in 96-well microplates
  • Automatic launch of applicable testing protocol
  • Positive specimen ID and automatic specimen mixing immediately prior to aspiration
  • Automatic dispensing and mixing of applicable reagents
  • No manual pipetting of primary tubes

Automated Sample Preparation

  • Pipeline Sample Processing
  • Eliminate slow, inefficient batch processing of samples
  • 20 minutes to the first result after sample load (measured with Tetra-1 or Tetra-2+)
  • After the first result, it’s 25 results/hour for up to one full 96-well plate (measured with Tetra Combo)
  • Two multitasking probes: one for cap piercing and sample preparation, the other for aspirating prepared samples for analysis
  • Each sample is analyzed as soon as it is ready
  • Intelligent analysis algorithm sets all gates and regions automatically
  • System flags samples that don’t meet autovalidation criteria

Real Time Sample Monitoring

  • Intuitive software interface indicates the status of each sample
  • Know at a glance where each sample is in the process and how much time until results are availableAutomatic retrieval of test requests and transmission of test results

Comprehensive Quality Control

  • Barcode tracking means no manual QC or reagent logs
  • Generate a full, easily reviewable audit trail that includes reagent traceability
  • Should QC fail, operator can be alerted via text message or email

AQUIOS CL System Specifications


  • System: W: 32” (82 cm); D: 22” (56 cm); H: 22” (56 cm)
  • Workstation: W: 23” (59cm); D: 5” (13cm); H: 18” (46cm)
  • Supply Cart: W: 21” (54cm); D: 18” (46cm); H: 16” (41cm)

Sample Loading

Autoloader holds up to 8 cassettes at a time with up to 5 sample tubes each and allows for continuous loading and unloading. A separate single-tube loader enables both open- and closed-vial sampling.