Example Data

Advance Gating Algorithm for AQUIOS Tetra-1

To increase the accuracy of the lymphocyte gate, Beckman Coulter employs a parameter called Electronic Volume (EV) as a measure of relative cell volume.

The AQUIOS CL flow cytometer incorporates this parameter to gate lymphocytes using Electronic Volume versus Side Scatter in a dual parameter gate. This additional gating element, added to the repertoire of lymphocyte subset analysis gating strategy, improves the purity and recovery of total lymphocytes in a way that balances purity and accuracy with speed.


The PLG ‘Africa Gate’

Identifies lymphocytes, monocytes, and granulocytes based on CD45 expression and cell complexity (side scatter).

A sample plot from the peripheral blood of a normal donor is shown, depicting all white blood cells (CD45+), as well as a region to identify the lymphocyte (Lymphs) subpopulation for further analysis of CD4 cells. The name ‘Africa Gate’ stems from the form of the region that is used to identify all white blood cells.