JCF-Z Zonal Rotor, 20.000 rpm, 39.900 x g, 1.900 mL

Product No:354006

JCF-Z Zonal Rotor, Titanium. Includes Zonal core, standard-flow rotating seal assembly, and tool kit. Bracket kit required for use with Avanti J Series centrifuges, and pump system required for all applications.

When density gradient separation is performed in a zonal rotor, gradient and sample are loaded directly into the rotor cavity; no tubes or bottles are used (Figure 1.2). Cylindrical or bowl-shaped zonal rotors have a capacity 50 to 100 times that of the typical swinging bucket rotor; thus zonal centrifugation enables large quantities of sample to be processed in much less time than in other types of rotors.

Major Applications: Tissue homogenates, small or large viruses, chloroplasts, bacteria, algae, whole cells. 

For use in Avanti J Series (except Avanti J-E) or the discontinued J2 Series (except J2-HC) centrifuges.

$33,271.60 List Price - $33,271.60

Product Specifications

Platform Avanti
Rotor Type Specialty
Maximum RPM 20,000 rpm
k-Factor 710
Nominal Capacity 1900 mL
Materials Titanium

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