JS-5.3 Swinging-Bucket Aluminum Rotor with Microplate Kit

Product No:969314

JS-5.3 Swinging-Bucket Rotor Package, Anodized Aluminum. Four-place rotor with anodized aluminum buckets designed for use with adapters to accommodate a wide range of tubes and bottles. Includes rotor, buckets, tie-down knob, and microplate carrier kit 368914). Major applications: Rapid sedimentation of protein precipitates, large particles, cells, and cell debris. It can be used for binding studies and blood sample preparation. For use in Avanti J-E and J-26 XP Series centrifuges only.

Product Specifications

Platform Avanti
Rotor Type Swinging-Bucket (High Performance)
Maximum RPM 5,300 rpm
k-Factor 7,730
Nominal Capacity 2000 mL
rAV 179.6 mm (conical bottles), 155.6 mm (deep well plates)
Materials Anodized Aluminum

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