JA-10.100 Fixed Angle Rotor, 10.200 rpm, max. 11.420 x g, 6 x 100 mL

Product No:B77584

JA10.100 Fixed-Angle Rotor for 6 x 100 mL  (max.10.200 rpm, max.11.420 x g), Aluminum, Bio-Certified. Major applications: Density gradient separations of erythrocytes, cell lysate fractions, granules; differential separation of DNA, proteins, and viruses. For use in Avanti J-15R and Avanti J-15 centrifuges.

Product Specifications

Platform Avanti
Rotor Type Fixed-Angle (High Performance)
Maximum RPM 10,200 rpm
Max g-Force 11,420.00
k-Factor 2,507
Number of Tubes 6x100 mL / 38x102 mm(6x100 mL / 2x4 in)
Nominal Capacity 600 mL
rMAX 98
rMIN 35
rAV 66.5 mm
Materials Aluminum
Package Quantity 1
Color Green

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