CF-32 Ti Continuous Flow Rotor, 32.000 rpm, 102.000 x g, 430 mL

Product No:B10463

In continuous flow centrifugation, solutions are pumped through the rotor continuously while it is spinning in the centrifuge. Particles sediment out of the flowing stream, which then emerges from the rotor as a particle-depleted effluent. This process continues until the particlecontaining capacity of the rotor is reached, or until the starting material (sample) is completely processed. Thus the amount of sample that can be processed in one run is determined by the sample’s volume and concentration of particles.

The CF-32 Ti continuous flow rotor permits the processing of very dilute samples at rates up to nine liters per hour (150 mL/m) and maximum capacity (with core) of 430 mL. Common applications include the large-scale collection of viruses and the sedimentation of bacteria and subcellular fractions. Continuous flow centrifugation is useful whenever particles with sedimentation coefficients of 50 S* or larger must routinely be separated from fluid volumes of two liters or more.

For use in Optima ultracentrifuges

Product Specifications

Platform Floor Prep
Rotor Type Zonal (Ultracentrifugation)
Maximum RPM 32,000 rpm
Max g-Force 102 000
k-Factor 42
Nominal Capacity 430 mL

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