JCF-Z Continuous-Flow Rotor , Titanium, Body Only, 20,000 rpm, 39,900 x g

Product No:336283

JCF-Z Continuous-Flow Rotor, Titanium, Body Only.

Includes Large Pellet continuous-flow core (pellet size 800 mL), standard-flow rotating seal assembly, and tool kit. Bracket kit required for use with Avanti J Series centrifuges, and pump system* required for all applications.

In continuous flow centrifugation, solutions are pumped through the rotor continuously while it is spinning in the centrifuge. Particles sediment out of the flowing stream, which then emerges from the rotor as a particle-depleted effluent. This process continues until the particlecontaining capacity of the rotor is reached, or until the starting material (sample) is completely processed. Thus the amount of sample that can be processed in one run is determined by the sample’s volume and concentration of particles.


 When density gradient separation is performed in a zonal rotor, gradient and sample are loaded directly into the rotor cavity; no tubes or bottles are used (Figure 1.2). Cylindrical or bowl-shaped zonal rotors have a capacity 50 to 100 times that of the typical swinging bucket rotor; thus zonal centrifugation enables large quantities of sample to be processed in much less time than in other types of rotors.

Major Applications: Large viruses (s=600 S), mitochondria, tissue homogenates, bacteria.

For use in Avanti J Series (except Avanti J-E) or the discontinued J2 Series (except J2-HC) centrifuges. *Pump system sold separately.

$24,248.80 List Price - $24,248.80

Product Specifications

Platform Avanti
Rotor Type Specialty
Maximum RPM 20,000 rpm
k-Factor 353
rMAX 89
rMIN 51
Materials Titanium

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