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Improve sample protection. Maximize sample recovery.

Often, centrifugation is the first step in processing samples that are of crucial importance to your research. 

Traditional tabletop centrifugation primarily considers time, temperature, and speed as pillars of centrifuge design. With the introduction of Ultra Harmonic Technology (UHT), we have gone a step further by adjusting the way acceleration and decelerations are controlled. 

The overall forces applied to the sample during these critical phases are balanced to limit the disturbance of the sample, and preserve the separation that has already been optimized during the run. This technology is ideal for samples that require special deceleration profiles during pelleting or separation (e.g. soft pellets, samples that are less adherent and less compact).

Benefits of UHT

  • Lowers sample loss and reduces the need to repeat experiments. 
  • Improves the quality of sample separation though refined acceleration and deceleration. 
  • Maximizes the efficiency and yield of sample separation and pelleting.
  • Reduces the presence of contaminants or unpelleted materials in the supernatant by preventing pelleted materials from going back into solution.


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