Z Series Coulter Counter Features

No Longer Available for Purchase

If you looking for an alternative to the Z Series Coulter Counter, please consider Beckman Coulter's Multisizer 3 Coulter Counter. Click here to learn more.

  • Mercury-free
  • Absolute cell counts or concentration
  • Single-button calibration
  • Compact
  • Certified to ISO 9001 by NSAI Quality Assurance
  • Technology defined by the International Standard (ISO 13319:2000: Determination of particle size distributions — Electrical Sensing Zone method)
  • Listed by ETL Testing Laboratory
  • Store up-to five analyses settings (i.e., profiles)
  • Operator-selectable size settings


Single-threshold model for rapid total cell count

Set one size threshold for counting cells equal to or larger than the established setting. The single-threshold model is ideal as a fully-automated system for rapid enumeration of relatively uniform tissue culture and blood cells from most any species.

Dual-threshold model for working with platelets or numerous cell types of variable sizes

Count cells or particles in three regions

  • Equal to-or-above the operator-selected lower size
  • Above the upper size-setting
  • Between the two size selections

The Z2 COULTER COUNTER for added capability of size distribution of cell population

Like the Z1, this instrument uses the accepted Coulter Principal for cell counting and sizing. Additional capabilities include-

  • Size distribution of a cell population
  • Entire size distribution graph, size statistics and counts between user-selected areas of the graph
  • Cumulative count and number % above and below a size determined by the cursor positioned on the graph 

Average counts and channelized data from up-to 10 consecutive analyses with the Z2

Count and size more cells for smoother averaged size distribution and greater statistical confidence in results.

Data Acquisition Software

Windows-based AccuComp® software is available for quick and accurate calculation and display of Z2 sample data statistics.

AccuComp Features

  • Size distribution statistics
  • Data archiving
  • Size trend analysis
  • Result overlays
  • Averages, graphs and tables
  • Customizable report
  • Data import/export capability.