Features of the Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter

The Multisizer 4e Coulter Counter is the most accurate and flexible particle characterization device available, boasting an unparalleled sizing range of 0.2 - 1600 μm. The new 10 μm Aperture allows users to study sub-cellular and micro-particles as small as 200 nm, while the advanced noise reduction system for small apertures improves measurement accuracy.

Features include the following:

Multisizer 4e
  • Aperture sizes from 10 µM – 2 mm let you measure particles from 0.2 μm – 1,600 μm to meet current/future needs.
  • Multiple aperture choices enable overlay of data collected from different apertures so you can analyze complex samples with wide particle size distribution.
  • Multi-parametric analysis provides data on particle number, volume, mass and surface area size distributions from one measurement.
  • Proven Coulter principle technology detects particles independently of refractive index, color or composition, so you can measure any particle that can be dispersed in an electrolyte solution.
  • Signal processing system increases dynamic range and reduces noise for small particle detection.
  • Supports use of 5 mL Nalgene™ vials to help preserve precious samples.
  • Automatic detection of aperture blockages ensures worry-free operation.
  • Automated routines and easy-to-use wizards help you design experiments regardless of your experience level.
  • Multiple SOM/SOP configurations and V-check validation package help simplify Quality Assurance.
  • With no licensing restrictions, software can be installed on multiple computers for offline processing, which frees up the instrument to run samples and helps maximize operational efficiency. 
  • Represents proven technology defined by the International Standard ISO 13319, with 9 approved ASTM methods.

Setting up a Multisizer 4e with a Beaker