Simply Paperless - MET ONE 3400

MET ONE simply paperless automatically exports data direct to a USB memory stick, straight through your Ethernet or routed via WiFi network! No software required.

Now you have a choice!

Met One 3400 air particle counter

Save time immediately!

Save at least 2 hours per day and stop manually tearing, taping, scanning and copying your portable particle counting print-out data.

Stop printing and contaminating your cleanroom

Stop generating particles with a printer and data that fades over time.

Eliminate clean room data transcription errors

Stop manual data entry, use MET ONE simply paperless with direct export to any Excel® compatible file.


Save time! Save money! Eliminate data errors!

Minimal or no impact to SOP’s and QA procedures

Go from particle counting direct to PDF with no software required.

21 CFR part 11 data is assured with MET ONE simply paperless

Easy on-site firmware upgrade and on-site validation services available to MET ONE 3400+ air particle counter users.

MET ONE 3400 embedded secure data transfer - Patent Pending

MET ONE simply paperless offers the industry’s first embedded secure PDF data transfer.

Secure particle counting is easy, quick and secure.

1. Easy - start sampling

2. Quick - data downloads to memory stick, straight through to your Ethernet or routed via WiFi network

3. Secure - data is exported in a secure 21 CFR part 11 PDF

Paperless PDF Particle Counting Services:

On-site Validation Services anywhere

MET ONE on-site service offers a full suite of particle counting validation and calibration services to assure compliance of particle counters.

Upgrade your existing MET ONE 3400+ units in your facility

Easy on-site firmware upgrade and on-site validation services available to MET ONE 3400 users.

On-site implementation is simple - No external software required

No external software required with MET ONE simply paperless. The MET ONE 3400+ is fully validated with just a few steps to paperless.

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