MET ONE 3400 Features

What makes the MET ONE 3400 Series the easiest-to-use and easiest-to-integrate portable particle counter for any facility or environmental monitoring program? It's the robust features designed to achieve compliance that are all built into a thoughtful user interface. 

Compliance made easier

The MET ONE 3400’s sampling plan wizard guides the analyst in configuring the instrument for ISO 14644, EU GMP Annex 1 and other common regulatory sampling requirements, thus reducing setup time and mistakes. Password protected multi-level user access to instrument provides data security for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. Finally, unit-to-unit accuracy and reproducibility are assured through the MET ONE 3400’s ISO 21501 compliance.

Convenience and efficiency means hours saved

The MET ONE 3400 provides multiple communication options; 802.11 wireless, Ethernet, Serial and USB; which reduce your paperwork and make setup and data transfer much easier. You can easily copy the configuration of your first counter to a USB stick and transfer settings to the next unit. No error-prone, repeat programming steps required. Furthermore, the instrument's open communications architecture allows for seamless integration into any facility monitoring or central data management system.

Dual hot-swappable batteries eliminate the need to stop measuring when the MET ONE 3400 charges or runs a power cycle. This means 100% instrument availability for your cleanroom environment. Cost reduction comes full circle with the MET ONE Model 3432 manifold, which enables sequential sampling from up to 32 locations with a single MET ONE 3400.