Packaging bar code changes for our products

To meet customer and regulatory requirements, Beckman Coulter began adding two-dimensional (2D) GS1 Data Matrix bar codes to product packages in 2015. The GS1 bar codes comply with unique device identifier (UDI) requirements mandated by the FDA to adequately identify medical devices throughout their distribution and use.

To include all the necessary information on the bar code label without increasing packaging, some of the linear bar codes have been replaced by 2D GS1 codes.

NOTE: Reading 2D bar codes may require upgrading your facility's scanning equipment in the receiving area. Please communicate this change to all appropriate individuals.
 2D GS1 Data Matrix barcode  Linear HIBC barcode
2D GS1 Data Matrix bar code example   Linear HIBC bar code example 

No action is required in the laboratory. The bar code changes will not affect the reagent bar codes read by Beckman Coulter instruments. If you have any questions, please contact Beckman Coulter Customer Support (1-800-854-3633 from the U.S. or Canada). Outside of North America, call +353 65 683 1170 or contact your local Beckman Coulter representative.