PAT700 TOC Single Stream

Product No:PAT700300

The PAT700 TOC analyzer fully complies with all global pharmacopeias (USP, EP, JP) requirements. Each sample is fully oxidized guaranteeing the most accurate TOC result that follows EP2.2.44 guidelines. Production uptime is assured with the PAT700 main and standby dual UV lamp design, making it the ideal choice for on-line TOC release. Save time and money - the PAT700 can be installed online and run up to 4 grab samples offline.

Product Specifications

Platform Anatel
Performance 0.4 ppb -100,000 ppb detection range, 0.4 ppb detection limit (<2% or 3 ppb, whichever is greater), ± 2% accuracy, 90-minute calibration time, ~5 minutes analysis time, 500 ppb - blank sample-to-sample carryover (<0.2%), 1,000 ppm - 1 ppm overload recovery (1 measurement)
Industry Standards USP <643>, EP <2.2.44>, 21 CFR Part 11
Calibration Intervals and Options 18-point calibration using KHP (6 concentrations/3 replicates) automated test routine, USP SST bulk water (blank/500 ppb (sucrose/benzoquinone), USP SST sterile water (blank/8 ppm surcrose/benzoquinone), JP-16 <2.59> validation (blank, 500 ppb as carbon SDBS) automated test routines
Fluid Compatibility Purified water, Water for injection (WFI)
Online Operation Sample inlet pressure 10 to 100psi (0.69 to 6.89Bar)
Detection Differential conductivity
Reporting ppb TOC │ µS/cm
Installation Category II
Temperature Range 5°to 95°C sample range
Power Requirements 100/230VAC ± 10%, 65W, 50/60Hz
Operating System Paperless reporting via secure FTP over Ethernet
Resolution 0.1 ppb
Display Full-color LCD touch screen
Operating Modes Online TOC; Online Conductivity; Auto-switching Main and Standby UV lamps for 12 months operation │ 4-bottle auto-sampler for grab sample analysis │ Excursion capture for root cause analysis support
Weight 13.6 kg(30 lb)
Width 59.7 cm(23.5 in)
Depth 22.9 cm(9 in)
Height 25.4 cm(10 in)
Color Blue
Package Quantity 1

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